Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fitness Exercises to fight aging

Human aging is getting older chronologically,  socially, and physically.
  • Chronologically, some people with a same birthday, will grow older to 49, 50, 51 and so on  together and at the same time.
  • Socially, there are people which are so childish at their 30 or 40 but there are people which are so wise and mature in thinking despite their relatively young age.
  • Physically, all person will experience the aging process differently, depend on how we treat our body, health and fitness. Because of fitness exercises, a guy at 50 can appear younger than his fat belly friend who is only 45.

Our point of interest is in the phisycally aging process.  Growing older is inevitable, but it can be made slower as it should be, or rapidly if we are ignorant of our health exercise and diet. For instance, gradual loss of bone tissue can be prevented by weight bearing exercises which help to increase bone mass and bone density. This will prevent fractures, and osteoporosis. Our bones are alive and respond when stimulated, by increasing bone mass.  Any weight-bearing exercise will stimulate your bones. Not only that, but also anything that involves impact , like running, jogging, walking, dancing, etc. Routine exercise is a great way to stimulate your bones to be stronger.
How about aging impact on muscle ? Muscle too will decrease about 0.5 to 1 % a year, if you leave it without exercises.  This muscle atrophy or  a decrease in the size of the muscle,  will go along with muscle tissue quality reduction and  a replacement of muscle fibres with fat, and degeneration of the neuromuscular junction.  Exercise is very important  to avoid muscle atrophy.  It is also important not only for muscle but the entire musculoskeletal system, neuromuscular responsiveness, endocrine function,  bone and  bone joint, all need lifelong exercises.
Physical exercise is the only way to prevent muscle and bone tissue lose over time. It will enhance physical fitness and wellness, strengthening muscle and cardiovascular system. Frequent and routine exercise will augment the immune system and prevent cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. Physical exercise will improve body appearance with slim waistline and body contour.

Tips to slow-down aging
  • Exercise Your Brain
The brain, like the rest of the body, needs exercises.   Simple math, playing a special brain games, knitting and learn a new languate, can exercise the brain. Brain exercises do not produce new neurons but creating new connections between them.  Interconnections will keep the neurons live longer, but lack of connections will eventually make a neuron cell die. When we 75, 10% of our neuron have died.  So it is very important to use our brain intensively and extentively, otherwise the cells will die rapidly, and in turn, the brain develops the Alzeheimer Disease. So, keep on using your brain cells, otherwise they will gradually lose their connections and die eventually.
  •  Eat Well
Consume five servings of fruits and vegetables, and three servings of whole grains daily for vitamins and minerals  each day as recommended by the U.S. government.  Take complex carbs like oatmeal, whole wheat bread, and wild rice. Drink sufficient water, between 5-8 glasses or more to avoid dehydration.
  •  Joyful and Forgiving Spirit
Religion or spirituality has a positive effect on physical health and in fact, help reduce suffering, bitter feeling, hate, by joyful, compassion and forgiving others.  Joyful heart will make your face more vibrant, and confident  to face life’s difficulties. Happiness by means of spirituality will makes you healthier and slow the aging process.
  •  Exercise
Exercise is a must-do to slow to fight the aging process.  It prevent loss of bone tissue and muscle atrophy (muscle size decreasing). It also prevent the degradation of musculoskeletal system, neuromuscular responsiveness, endocrine function,  bone density and  bone joint.
Hundreds of studies show that exercise combats the loss of stamina, muscle strength, body balance and osteoporosis that increases with age. Exercise should be practice consistently and in lifelong period. You can join a fitness class and attend the exercises !
  •  Maximize Your Intake of Antioxidants
Free radicals which contribute to the onset of age-related diseases, have to be obliterated by antioxidants. Take fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, carrots and spinach as carotenoids, and blue and purple berries for flavonoids. There are many classes of antioxidants that work synergically, so they have to be taken from several kind of fruits and vegetables.
  • Sleep
Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle :
- A study in 2011 found that people that have enough sleep tend to live longer
- People with adequate  sleep tend to have a sharpen attention
- People who have not enough sleep tend to have obesity problem.

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